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Copper coil solar water heater


Applicable to the type of£º


Water capacity£º240L

Applicable Number of people£º4-6


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1. Long using life,15 years life-span
2. 5 years warranty, ISO,CCC,CE,Solar Keymark approved
3. 72 hours heat preservation, high efficient
4. Stable stand can resistant 25mm snow-ball
5. No water in the tank, suitable for the salty water districts

Vacuum tube:
1.1.6mm thickness borosilicate glass 3.3
2.AL-N-AL or Cu-AL-SS coating pressure:¨Q5¡Á10-3pa;Absorptance¨R0.91
Water Tank:
1.Inner tank:0.5mm thickness SUS304 stainless steel
2.Outer tank:0.4mm thickness SUS202 stainless steel or color steel
3.Absorbing layer: high-pressure polyurethane foam with 55mm thickness
4.foaming density:35g/cm3;closed-cell foam rate:95%
5.Heater exchanger:red copper with 14mm diameter
                           closed loop system,the water out by the pressure push
                           red copper coil inside the tank as the heat exchanger

1. galvanized steel or aluminum alloy with 1.5mm thickness;
2.Angle of stand:18¡ã,20¡ã,38¡ã,45¡ã

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