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‐Join process/
1.To join the Advisory
Dealer through telephone, fax, Internet messages and other means to understand the Yijia Yijia well-off, comparatively well-off business department and dealer of ( enterprise ) background, operating conditions, the vision of development, enterprise culture in-depth communication, Yijia well-off Business Department of dealer relevant investigation.
2.Field investigation
Dealer to Yijia well-off production base project inspects on the spot, visit the Yijia off the dealership, and with the Yijia well-off business department specific issues joined communication.
3.Franchise application
Application of dealers to make application, fill in the" Yi Jia well-off dealer application form"," Yi Jia well-off dealers file card", make the Yijia well-off business department.
4.Determine the intent
The Yijia well-off business department, manager, Secretary Sales Audit reported the VP of marketing approval.
5.Sign a contract
The Yijia off the VP of marketing approval, both sides signed the" Yijia" comparatively well-off area distribution contract
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